On Fox Hill looking east

Geometric abstractions derive from significant moments. As I seek to portray the visual space between observation, dream, and recollection, most of my studio work includes a delicately complex structure or pattern that is disrupted in various ways to evoke a sense of uncertainty and fragmentation.

"Kruger is a thoughtful painter whose art is visually beautiful, contextually current and contemplative.”
Rita Baragona, Curator, Romano Gallery
On Fox Hill looking east



A substantial element of my practice is painting en plein air; I am interested in capturing a sense of connection to greater forces at work. Ever shifting light, wind, and weather offer constant sources of visual inquiry, and provide a sense of excitement, urgency and delight in the process of responding to their effects on the landscape and its particulars. For me, the physical discipline of going out into nature to paint is necessary to experience transformation, an ephemeral quality that I imply with varying brush tempo, faceting, and visible traces of earlier layers. Using these perceptual studies as a jumping off point, memory and imagination take over once back inside.


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